I-90 Foot Hills
For Mountain Turtles
P assion for mountains
E nthusiasm for 5000 ft
A dventurous scrambling
K omradery for camping
S nacks to share

Use at your own risk. Weather and conditions, snow levels and avalanche dangers change. Daily local assessment of the danger and feasibility must be made by an experienced mountaineer before such routes should be attempted.

While some mountains have summer trails unsuitable for winter travel, these routes here often are Off-Trail Snow-Shoe or Winter Scrambles and the feasibility off snow is unknown. Beware of avalanche danger!

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I-90 Cascade Foot Hills

1: Tiger & Poo-Poo-Point Area:

  • A: Highschool Trail to Poo Poo Point

  • B: Chirico Trail/Paraglider Trail
  • 2: Rattle Snake Ledge Area:

  • A: Normal Trail to the Ledge

  • B: Old #2 Trail=Blue Lines
    Very nice trail with much less traffic, like it used to be! Not sure we needed a catapilar to build a new trail.

  • C: Rock Trail Scramble: Magenta Lines
    Steep and once you hit the rock ledges, exposed. A fall can be deadly, and every year, some people fall down from the top of the ledge, mostly taking picrtures.

  • D: Goat Trail Scramble 101: Red Line
    Hard to fine and stay on the trail, including the rock scramble 2/3' up. A bushwacking pleasure to sort out Green Lake hikers!

  • E: Rattle Snake Mountain from Snoqualmie to the Ledge

  • F: Cedar Butte off Iron Horse Trail

  • G: Twin Falls
  • 3: Little and Big Si, Teneriffe Area:

  • A: Little Si Normal Trail

  • B: Little Si Scramble

  • C: Little Si North Approach Bushwacking
    Follow the trail till it hits the river and till D or E, then ascent to F & G, at which point you intercept the trail. There used to be an old trail, so look out for it.

  • C: Little Si - Boulder Garden

  • D: Big Si New Trail

  • E: Big Si Old Trail

  • F: Teneriffe Falls - Kamikaze Falls
    From the Kamikaze Falls, a smaller and rougher the trail steep up to Mt. Teneriffe. Often snow is encountered in the winter and spring, so take precaution. This is a real mountain, despite being in the foot hills.

  • G: Teneriffe to Big Si Traverse
    NOTE: There are multiple ways: From "F" to "I" you can go ona road up/down hill, or you can go the lower road to "G" and "H" and bushwack a short section to "I", which is less elevation gain.