I-90 Cle Elum - Roselyn
For Mountain Turtles
P assion for mountains
E nthusiasm for 5000 ft
A dventurous scrambling
K omradery for camping
S nacks to share

Use at your own risk. Weather and conditions, snow levels and avalanche dangers change. Daily local assessment of the danger and feasibility must be made by an experienced mountaineer before such routes should be attempted.

While some mountains have summer trails unsuitable for winter travel, these routes here often are Off-Trail Snow-Shoe or Winter Scrambles and the feasibility off snow is unknown. Beware of avalanche danger!

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Cle Elum - Roselyn Area

1: Thorp - Red Mountain Area - Davis Areas:

  • A: Red Mountain Ascents or Loops: Winter Route!
    Note: Unknown

  • B: North Peak: Winter Route!

  • C: Thorp Mountain via Knox Creek
    Note: In the summer you can drive till "D"

  • D: Thorp Mountain by Canoe, via Little Kachess Lake: Winter Route if lake is open for canoes
  • 2: Hex - Sasse - Jolly Areas:

  • A: Jolly Mtn Lookout: Winter Route!
    Note: Unknown

  • B: Sasse Mtn or North Loop: Winter Route!
    Note: Unknown

  • C: Sasse Mtn - Hex Mtn Traverse/Loop: Winter Route!

  • D: Hex Mtn via Traditional Hex mtn Trail
    NOTE: Difficult to find your way through the subdivision at the bottom. Gated road!
    At "D" go Right, DO NOT make a U-Turn.
    AT "E", go LEFT,
    At K = TH, now follow the ridge till the top, then make a RIGHT to get to the summit.

  • E: Hex Mtn via the Sasse Mtn Road/Trail