I-90 Up To the Pass
For Mountain Turtles
P assion for mountains
E nthusiasm for 5000 ft
A dventurous scrambling
K omradery for camping
S nacks to share

Use at your own risk. Weather and conditions, snow levels and avalanche dangers change. Daily local assessment of the danger and feasibility must be made by an experienced mountaineer before such routes should be attempted.

While some mountains have summer trails unsuitable for winter travel, these routes here often are Off-Trail Snow-Shoe or Winter Scrambles and the feasibility off snow is unknown. Beware of avalanche danger!

For more information, also look at Guide Books at eShop of Peaks

I-90 North Bend to Snoqualmie Pass

1: Mc Clellun Butte - Mt. Kent Area:

  • A: North Slopes Direct-Not Avalanche Safe!

  • B: NorthWest Ridge

  • C: Western Slopes

  • D: Mt. Kent Possible Winter Approach _ NOT Avalanche Safe!
  • 2: Silver Peak - Humpback Area:

  • A: Silver Peak NW Ridge

  • B: Silver Peak - Lake Annette Approach-Not Avalanche Safe!

  • C: Humpback NorthEast Slope/Ridge

  • D: Humpback NorthWest Ridge
  • 3: Dirty Harry - W.Defiance - PPP - Defiance - Bandera Area:

  • A: Dirty Harry Peak

  • B: Web Mountain (Also sometimes called West Defiance)

  • C: P3- Putrid's Pete Peak
    NOTE: Route is an estimation. There is a trail. "B" Can be reached if forest road is driveable. See WTA website for more information about the summer trail. Trail is steep, part scramble and slippery when wet. Steep & Exposed.

  • D: Defiance

  • D: West Bandera - Winter Route
    Note: Winter Route, be flexible, but do not follow the summer trail=avalanches. "B" can be reached by forest road if open.

  • D: East Bandera - Winter Route
    Winter Route, Steep, exposed. "C" can be reached by road if open.
  • 4: Granite and West Granite Area:

  • A: Granite South Ridge

  • B: Granite - West Granite Traverse

  • C: West Granite from Olallie Lake

  • D: Pratt Mtn from Pratt Lake Trailhead, via Olallie Lake

  • E: Pratt Mtn from Talapus Lake/I-90 Tunr-Off, via Olallie Lake